1. it’s mostly from ego death and not letting go the experience keeps repeating itself and the scared and crazy feeling comes up because it’s teaching you to let go and surrender to the experience so you can open up more and experience more like imagine yourself standing there and there’s a Boulder the size of a world falling onto you you can’t run or hide
    are you gonna let yourself panic or accept it? Either way that boulders falling on you so mine as well accept it and when you do you will be amazed and thankful accept the feeling just breathe and be here now put on some chill music and be the vibes!

  2. I smoked Girl Scout Cookies once with my friends and I did get that hexagon thing which was overlapped on 3 different colors of hexagons that changed from green to yellow to red but only with closed eyes and I was in a philosophical state as well much like the LSD which I had soon acknowledged, I don't think its just a coincidence that we saw the same thing either. I hope someone else can confirm that they saw and felt at least something similar

  3. So basically you're just permanently more conscious of your thoughts than before psychedelics..

    Makes sense 🤷🏽‍♀️

    Weed just boosts your emotions, u can have anxiety on weed when you're already slightly anxious as well.🙂

  4. (prelude: smoked daily from 9th grade till now, im 20) tripped for the 3rd time on acid at 17 had no clue weed would cause way worse anxiety didn’t even know the two were connected just persevered and smoked through it. Had a intense trip last halloween, peaked for the first time from smoking two days ago. friends look at me with awe when i turn down the blunts now. debating smoking through it, also debating just waiting awhile to smoke again.

  5. FLASHBACKS DO EXIST SO TEST YOUR SHIT!! freshman year of college my friend and I took what we thought was LSD which turned out to be a research chemical. two weeks later sitting in another friends room i took a usual hit of a bong and shortly after my friends face shrunk into a tiny ball, everything felt trippy, and as i ran down the hallway it felt like it was 4 miles long. this weird trippy feeling lasted for over two weeks. a little while after this walking to class the bricks on a building starting moving in and out and i went to class scared, tried to keep it cool, and when my teachers face shrunk and swirled i lost it and went back to my dorm. I am okay now but this shit was real and scary asf, hasn't happened since years later. come to find friend who also took the research chem with me had crazy shit happen to.

  6. It happened to me after I had a bad experience on mushrooms. Mushrooms of all things! Ever since then, especially if I'm already anxious, I have severe anxiety even if i take half a hit of weed. It's as if I'm having that panic and I have no control again. There seems to be no end in sight. Now I have panic attacks very easily and it seems like I'm very fragile. I hate it man. I've been like this for 2 months now and I'm really just managing my feelings. Its weird man. I've never been this way.

  7. I’ve experienced this exact same thing. I did mushrooms 1 time, and in my ignorance I ate entirely too much, and I had a really bad trip. I had to stop smoking for almost 7 years after that. And even after that when I smoked again the eventual build up in my system I had to stop again for a couple of more years.
    It really wasn’t until I really started to do work on my own mental and emotional health that I was able to smoke again. And even now sometimes it can get pretty intense.
    To anyone else who’s experiencing this, my personal advice and what works for me, I smoke ONLY indica, it’s more of a relaxing body sensation and not so heady. And the times that I do get a little unnerved I just focus on my breath and go along with it. If it gets too intense I either have a couple of drinks or if it’s really bad I keep a Xanax around and just sleep it off

  8. The word you're looking for is 'reticulated', my friend. Used it in a song I wrote called "Fractal Geometry" to describe a similar visual concept/experience 🙂

  9. Marijuana IS a hallucinogen. I have always been able to trip a little on weed. Even before I tried psychedelics like mushrooms & acid. Not all weed makes me trip & it's never strong, but once in a while, I smoke some weed & I can actually shut my eyes & see beautiful colors & shapes that move around. It's like when you're about to stop tripping, but you can still see a little something when you shut your eyes. I love it. I just lay down & shut my eyes & enjoy the view. It's so relaxing. I've met other people who experience the same thing. I've never been into tripping super hard. I prefer small doses of acid & mushrooms. Larger doses give me bad trips.

  10. After tripping a couple of times I noticed that if I get really high and look at myself in the mirror my face will pretty much like I’m tripping again, all my blackheads are very obvious, I look a bit uglier than I usually think of myself etc. Sometimes I’ll also see faint hallucinations if I’m just chilling with my eyes closed

  11. I got diagnosed with hppd after a tramatic crazy shroom trip with my homie, he started freaking out and crying and told me he feels like we are going to feel like this forever. Don’t get me wrong it’s dumb to think that but at that moment we were so fucked, and when he finished saying that my eyes opened and it felt like my brain turned a switch and everything was different after that sentence. If you still see the same hallucinations you did while tripping sober then you probably have HPPD.

  12. I did 7.5 g of mushrooms and first time I smoked weed after it’s like I smoke a bowl and I feel like I’m on 7 g of shrooms like so crazy I’m confused but I’m glad I found this

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