1. My biggest problem is smoking weed hands down. Can someone please tell me what “demon” is associated with heavy daily weed use and can’t quit? I’m trying mad hard to figure out why I can’t stop what makes my body feel like I need to smoke etc but I can’t seem to figure it out.

  2. i quit weed a couple months ago, i had to realize that the only time i was having “fun” was when i was high. as soon as i realized that i had to remove it from my life!

  3. Day 9 sober. I want to get to a point of moderation, every now and then smoker is the goal. When I smoked daily, it was abuse, did it when I was successful n happy, when I was failing n sad.. I used it for everything. I don't think homegrown weed is bad for you in moderation but anything can be abused/misused

  4. If you keep worrying about how you messed up, you’ll miss opportunity on how you can become better. And you right, we need to stay focused and stay on our grind. If we fall just got back up. Keep spreading the positivity 💪🏼💯

  5. Dam g i aint smoke in 2 day cuz i been busy asf. I would smoke when i would be bored like u. But im thinking bout letting it go cuz i smoke non stop and i run into this video at 11:11 like shit bro what other sign i need. Im on the personal growth shit so but weed been hard to letgo of but the time now nokap

  6. Smoked everyday for like a year . Now I’m 140 sum pounds & I barely eat . Let me be an example to y’all of what NOT to do . Also depressed and feeling so bad . Like nun going right in a nigga life . Whole family hate me now & oh yea I think somebody put sum in my weed in the past 🤦‍♂️ idk man I’m just fucced up wish u could go bac in time .

  7. weed is just a illusion that you need it to get rid of stress most people abuse it i used to smoke everyday you don’t need it all the time use it once every week or two weeks use it for the benefits your mind works like a drug

  8. mannn bro to keep it so lit im just focusing on protecting my energy semen retention im on day 6 no nut nov .. i still smoke , im really just trynna work on one thing at a time bro cause i feel like if i go straight to trynna stop both habits its gonna be too much for me so im taking it 1 by 1 thanks for the motivation bro 💯💯💯

  9. It do be tough sometimes tho for real 💯 almost 50 days in and I still get cravings every once n awhile but I just stay focused and it passes, if I ever go back to smoking it will be Natural and It’ll be vaporised not burned so I don’t fuck up my lungs

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