We Smoke Green Crack Delta 8 THC by Rift CBD at the Saints Raiders Game from Great CBD Shop

Coupon Code: CHL Link in the comments! For this review, smoke Green Crack Delta 8 THC from Great CBD Shop. We smoke the cart, and give our …


  1. I stumbled across one of your videos by chance two months ago, and learned about DELTA 8. DELTA 8 is a game changer. No paranoia, but the pain relieving benefits are on par with D9. And it's legal. Can't thank you enough for putting these videos out there. I would have never known about D8 otherwise. Keep spreading the good word!

  2. Dude i tried delta 8 for the first time loke 5 days ago i got 850mg tincture from HARBOR CITY HEMP I took like 6 or 7 full drops and i qas GOOOONE I was tripping i almost called 911 like 4 times smh its been 5 days i finally feel normal

  3. I’ve read the DEA regulations, as long as it remains derived from hemp and is not derived from synthetic means. It remains legal. The DEA means to define Marijuana different from hemp as no more than .3% THC. They have no plan to ban delta 8 because that would repel the entire hemp industry and force new legislation on normal marijuana(.3%D9+). Knowing that, enjoy. 😀

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