1. A friend of mine works for Lowe's, they have a test that uses a swab on the inside the mouth. It is a test that determines basically, if you smoked before work or after lunch. I guess it can test for up to 2-3 hours after you smoked.
    I think this is what the state should use, not a bloodtest. It would be as simple as a breathalyzer.

  2. AGAIN… blood tests can only determine PRIOR USE not LEVEL OF INTOXICATION in marijuana users. It is IMPOSSIBLE! Let me repeat myself.. this man in the video has been smoking marijuana for 16 years almost daily, THC stores in your fat and can show up in your blood as it metabolizes up to 30 days! Alcohol leaves your blood within HOURS because it is being DIGESTED not STORED! This man woke up and tested over the limit, the only way to make it work would be increasing the limit MASSIVELY!

  3. You need to take a class in biology! Alcohol is consumed and releases fumes and gas when it is digested! Thats how a breathalyzer works! Marijuana is smoked and the THC is stored in fat cells around your body for up to a month, IMPOSSIBLE to ever have a breathalyzer or similar test to alcohol to determine that you are 'actively under the influence'. As this guy said he woke up in the morning (obviously not under the influence) and was still 5x over the legal limit, does NOT mean he was high!

  4. why is marijuana always compared to alcohol and not cigarettes or energy drinks (caffeine is a drug), all these substances affect the human body in different ways.

  5. Kids say they don't use because its illegal. If you put them in a room with some creepy dude and ask them of course they are going to say they don't use it… More people do it then you think. You are throwing america's youth in jail for something that is proven less harmful than alcohol. If you were worried about your children's future you would consider stop sending them to drug dealers to get weed.

  6. Then what about driving on prescription drugs? This is way more dangerous than marijuana. If you are going to do blood test on acohol you better do the same for legal prescription drugs. Driving on marijuana is not hard. A lot of people do it everyday with no issues.

  7. The reality is that pot does not affect regular smokers all that much while driving, and most compensate by waiting for the high to settle, just like someone who is really groggy in the morning will sometimes wait to drive.Since people who will be driving after smoking are likely to be regular smokers, it's not really gonna matter, because a cop can't tell as easily if a regular smoker is even high. i feel perfectly safe talking to cops high at my local convenient store, they can't tell.

  8. The last problem with that is that if a person is heavily under the influence and stupidly decides to drive, and they indeed get pulled over, then they would get nervous, heart rate would increase, and their blood pressure would return to normal by the time the officer administered the test.

  9. Fact is that there is no way to tell if marijuana is still active in your brain or not. Smells can be covered up, red eyes can be halted with veysine. There is just one, not quit fool-proof, method that could conceivably be used: Marijuana does widen the veins and lower blood pressure. (That is why high people have red eyes; the veins in their eyes have widened to allow more blood flow) So officers could utilize a blood pressure test, however….

  10. Though there is the driving issue, there is no way to detect scientifically or factually that a person is under the influence of Marijuana today. Washington is, instead, going to determine whether a person does or does not have marijuana in their system when driving. So a pothead who smokes it all week long Monday through Saturday, can go out and drive on a Sunday afternoon and, if he is pulled over and forced to do a blood test, will be arrested for the equivalent of a DUI. This is despicable.

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