Wake & Bake America 1118: Grandad Growing 140 Plants, Getting Older, & The War On Drugs

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  1. that shit pisses me off so much. that man did not deserve that. how dare they. the cannabis community left that man hanging..there should have been riots over this kinda shit!! burn that courthouse to the ground. Unjust laws. Black people can stand up and make change multiple effing times in history, but it takes the cannabis community this long?

  2. Welcome back G! Scottie – Great recovery yourself "I'm such a Dick!" (Genuine for real though) and way to move forward with the positive. Dab On Brothers! Guru, really, thanks for the insight and sharing…and for only sharing that. You might not think it's real brave, but you know…thanks.

  3. I don't care what medical condition you have, adderall is amphetamine. I'd rather my kid smoke herb than get fed a regular diet of pharma speed, that's for me and my 36 hour gaming sessions.

  4. I love it when Scotty calls out lil guru @33:16 for lying about the neighbor being that lady lmao. Keep working fake story's like that and it'll be ya'll down fall. Thanks Scotty for keeping it real<3 Much Love.

  5. Scotty 🤦‍♂️☹ seriously you just said interrupting people is about the rudiest thing you can do. Because it says that you think your opinion is the only opinion. What does scotty proceed to do ? Interrupt dude first word that comes out of his mouth. Unfkn believable 🤷‍♂️🤦‍♂️☹ . Scotty slow tf down. We feel for you dude it's gotta be almost impossible to co-host a talk show with (that guy) stfu scotty 🤣🤣😐

  6. I would love to run some new genetics from best coast. N would really like to try out some recharge i keep hearing about.at the moment that 30% off would really help out alot.please get back whenever you get a chance..thanks fellas

  7. When I see Scotty interupt. I see the pride he has in us all and how greatful he is to have so many awesome people around him. So when it comes down to it, we are all to blame for it. Your all just to freakin awesome. Thats something to be proud of. 👍✌💚💨

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