Vlog: I HURT MY BACK | Hospital visit, CBD oil helped!

The Hospital said I tore a muscle in my upper back and that’s why I was in so much pain. Pain medicine and my CBD oil is helping me stay calm and pain free!


  1. @MattiaCastellano, we are so sorry to hear you hurt your back! We hope that you are feeling better. Thank Larry for fo his nice words as well. All of our CBD gummies and oils are lab tested by a third party to proof the concentration levels of CBD in each product and to ensure there is no THC. We hope you and your family stay safe Mattia! Your words are helping a lot of people.

  2. I feel ya my lower back was hurting like hell for an entire 2 weeks but I’m feeling much better now thank goodness! 😅 I hope you’re doing much better now too Mattia 💕🥰 sending you love💗

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