Vaping Update, Cancelled Deals and Mexico to Legalize Marijuana [Cannabis StockCast #28]

Last year, The Supreme Court of Justice in Mexico ruled that it’s illegal to ban marijuana possession. It set October 2019 as the deadline to legalize cannabis.


  1. for people that have large investment in the marijuana space about -60% at the moment what do you suggest. reduce position and take the losses for tax benefit;hold;sell and buy back later

  2. The truth about the 'black market' for cannabis is that those players are eating the legal market player's lunch! It is just that simple! It could be many months before enough consolidation and efficiency develops within the legal space before legal sales cannabis prices are competitive at all. Banyan Hill may well strike out again here like they did with oil stock and mining advisory recommendations coming to subscribers in an untimely fashion.

  3. Anthony I really like your videos and the only thing I am waiting is that the cannabis stocks stop loosing their values and the price goes up so we do not loose money. Right now it is a disaster. Thank you and see you soon with good news.

  4. Hey Anthony, I enjoy and appreciate your info. Whats you thoughts on HEXO? Low numbers & looks like some approvals may be postponed. Given their Molson, & global associations, along with beat down to 2.80 today & out of favor. I expect it may go even lower, but I couldn't help but take a small stake while it's hated, with not much expectation until 1st half of 2020 . Look forward to your thoughs and next potcast

  5. Thanks for doing what your doing. I liked a subscribed. Can you tell me what you think on 2 things.

    Do you think Kiron or Aoura are in the best position for Mexico legalization? Or will it not matter
    When do you think the US Senate will vote on the Safe Banking act?

    Thanks please let me know bc nobody else is as informative about cannabis sectors as you guys.

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