Tucker Carlson vs. Marijuana Policy Project on Cannabis Legalization

Tucker Carlson vs. Marijuana Policy Project on Cannabis Legalization Subscribe to my Other YouTube Channels: Frame of Flower Podcast: …


  1. Tvert's arguments are weak & misguided at best. Or @ worst; a naked & open deception in effort to promote some concealed agenda.
    At the end of the interview he seems dazed, beaten & bewildered. The poor guy's clearly unprepared.
    It appears Carlson's speaking truth.
    That's plain to see.

  2. No Welfare No Pot Growing isn't that why all the states must jump on the Bangwagon after they steal from the Net Taxpayers that actually pay hard earned money for Cannabis! Let's make it Legal because the Cannabis Growers and Cannabis Patients are the BAILOUT!!!!!!! Noooooope.
    Who wants to invest in Maine?

  3. "WHY IS THE WORLD LEGALIZING MARIJUANA ALL AT THE SAME TIME?" https://youtu.be/I_PJOn7K2rk dis documentary,addresses genetically modified/engineered Kmart cannabis as it puts it! it's d only real concern ppl should have bout pot and legalization as it can b for the corrupt corporate entities and the powers that shouldn't b , but not for us the people cuz of an over regularly form of legalization!

  4. Only way pot getting more dangerous is cuz it may b genetically modified/ngineered, Kmart cannabis as d documentary"WHY IS THE WORLD LEGALIZING MARIJUANA ALL AT THE SAME TIME?"calls gmw &btw massachusetts didn't consider at least rec weed essential but prob mos definitely booze was considered essential and it was d first state to make weed illegal in the USA or d2nd if not it was Cali and if it was cali was 2nd& massachusetts made it so it was only at least openly explicitly made illegal for non racial &/or non national reasons(no anti mexican sentiments)& sativas don't make most ppl lazy u shouldof mentioned when addressing the lazy stoner stereotype..I love g6 "aka jet fuel"

  5. You may love to debate Tucker and I'd love to see that. It would sure be entertaining! Second, this video was two years ago maybe his mind has changed since then.
    Yes everyone has a different relationship with Mary Jane, she can be dangerous and seducing but if done right she can help medically. Lets keep it real most not all but most people who smoke weed abuse it therefore are lazy and worthless to themselves and others. I find it rare to meet someone who smokes as much as I do medically and have the same work ethic and drive. Keep it real bruh! And I'm all for that if one chooses to do that with their life that's called freedom.
    Tucker is right no cop enforces the law about not smoking in public.
    Would you speak for 75g's?
    Tuck smashed this guy debate wise.

  6. He tells the truth compared to most media. He is what the media ( I.e. MSM) U
    used to be. The watchdog media has become the Democrat laptop dog. Which are you? Actually weed and alcohol, mostly state driven. I think your high as your talking about this. Lol actually LSD, cocaine and heroin where more popular then weed. Do the research, don't regurditate. If you drink everyday after work, yes you're an alcoholic. If you smoke weed everyday, you might forget the name of the person you're sliding with.


    Your full of bullshit. Up to an ounce

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