1. Week 5, 3 pins a week @100 per. I have to be on top of everything. It's an effin rollercoaster ride. I experience the anger, no patience for bullshit. I have to hold my tongue all day. Or I could feel like ballin my eyes out. "Is my girlfriend cheating", "I hate this job" , or feel like I am losing my mind. Then everything is fine and I'm on top the world. I just keep telling my self it's all an allusion, it's just in my head. Dont need to be getting fired, or loose my girlfriend (she's truly the best). Go from extremely rational cold thinking, to completely emotional based thinking. There are times where I think I cant do it anymore, but then I'm good for awhile. But the gains are absalutly amazing.

  2. The mental side effects are definitely strong, but they come in waves ( some hours go by without any mental issues , and on some occasions you're amped up hours in a row ). Basically it turns me into a horny , sweaty , agressive and freakishly strong douche. Relationships are tough , luckily my other half is supportive.The sweat and insomnia are side effects you learn to deal with eventually..but the mental ones are tough .. Usually i'm alot more pessimistic and anti social , but i find that THC relaxes me and numbs all of the bad side effects , ( including being anti social and pessimistic )but especially the anger. Cheers on the video man , straight up honesty.

  3. Trenbolone is so detrimental to mental health, especially those who are sensitive and emotional before roids. Iv'e been in horrible situations not only from horrible roid rage which almost lost my job working for my dad and cutting off my best friendships, but has had me depressed. And i mean seriously depressed. All day at work I'd be in a horrible state, I get paranoid over nothing. I ruined 2 potential relationships because of it. I got the old "Are you cheating because you never message me and i dont want to waste my time" when really I didnt message her because my head was always that far gone that if i had a conversation in that state i would deter her, and scare her off. Don't get me wrong im on tren as we speak and im not coming off of it because i wish to compete in the next couple years but it's a price to pay

  4. I've had terrible anxiety… I had not tried it for 3 years.. Id thought maybe it was my situation back then so I took an ethanate shot of tren about 4 days ago.. Today I woke up completely freaking out brain racing uncontrollably..Just like a few years ago… Is this in my mind or a reality

  5. Tren made me sweaty. Crazy thing was no matter what I ate as long as I put the work in the gym I would transform every morning. My shoulders really popped on it. Also the strength gains were too much for my tendons to handle I had to remind myself not to go to crazy in the gym. Also the sex drive was nuts, easily could go at it for 4 hours straight. It was kinda nasty though cause of the sweating. I liked ace better than enth. Pinning everyday sucks though.

  6. Iv been running Tren E for about 2 years straight, it destroyed my mental health and my 2.5 year relationship in the end because I was emotionally numb. Be very careful with Tren, I wish I never used it.

  7. I know I'm late watching this but I use to brew tren. I was on it for a year sraight. That's the old finaplix days. I would often stack it with superdrol or m- plex. The days when those things were considered pro hormones, really steroids.. looking back it totally killed my sex drive and caused a divorce. Present day I just got done running test ctp. Boldone and tren e. Even having the test in I still was still very withdrawn plus I'm way older. I did think my girl was cheating on me just crazy shit. I thought I handled tren well but looking back, boy was I wrong. Thanks Russo. Your the man!!!;

  8. I’m normally a nice guy and don’t want to hurt anybody but I’ve always been antisocial, un confident and alone with lots of anxiety and panic attacks. I decided to try tren to get over these things. I decided to go with tren ace ONLY. No test or pct. All my personal issues got 500 times worse but I got insanely confident. After a week I wanted to kill my entire family, and I was dead serious about it. I destroyed all my relationships and the only thing in my head was to kill and destroy. I didn’t work out during this cycle. I decided to try a second 4 month cycle but this time with test and pct. I felt better because the test and I worked out hard every day. Insanely aggressive and horny. Still couldn’t be around people or work though. Finally got off and now a year after I still have all side effects. It feels like I’m still on tren and it drives me insane. I don’t know how to get back to normal again.

  9. seems people have polar opposites in terms of how tren effects them. some being anti-social and anxious, others feeling more social with an inflated sense of confidence. about to delve into this for the first time, wish the kid some luck lmao

  10. It makes you interpret how people interact with you differently.
    Also – like you said when you catch yourself, it’s weird because it will make you have like 2 different thought trains.

  11. Was running 300mg tren ace a week for 2 weeks and it fully fucked me up man. Dick broke, felt like someone else was becoming the driver of my body, didn’t feel like I was looking at the same person in the mirror. Crazy levels of depression, put me in a really dark place for a few days. Coming off have me weird feelings of psychosis. Definitely not a drug to be taken for granted. Not a drug for me. Does anyone else get that messed up from a low dose?

  12. ive done alot of rad140 cycles in my day and never got any mental side effects with liquid rad140 but i did try a pill form rad cycle and ill tell you i went full blown paranoid anxiety delusion insanity and it was insane!

  13. Sounds like tren makes your brain work(if you come up with questions do you want to go out etc). Smarter people are usually by themself. Or that is what i keep telling myself (and it is backed up by science). So maybe i am on tren all the time.

  14. My experience using tren. In the middle of May I was around 160 pounds. It’s July now and I’m 203 pounds. I ate and workout everyday using tren. It’s the king of steroids. I’m a very nice person. It’s hard to get me mad but using tren it gets me irritated quick.

  15. I’m on trt and I definitely feel more short fused in certain situations, not necessarily all the time. RAD-140 did the same thing to me but with a hint of anxiety as well. I’m gonna run another RAD cycle and to be honest I’m a little concerned it’s gonna turn me into a monster.

  16. I used to cycle heavy for years but I got off everything 2 years ago, finally feel back to normal.
    I get the same sides as you are saying with tren, lost many girlfriends over little ass shit. I noticed though after I started lifting again a month back that I am short fused again so It could just be I'm like this natural lol. I feel fully recovered and almost like I'm on steroids right now but I'm not. A month in and my delts are capped, chest/back filling out. I swear steroids set you up for life even once your off them. It just takes a bit longer.

  17. Thanks for the info brother I’ve done one cycle of tren and i was definitely off a bit but overall i wasn’t bad. I tried to prep myself mentally heading in to try and keep myself in check. Tren would definitely be hard on a relationship especially if trust is lacking like you said i felt more paranoid probably did shit that seemed crazy. Also your bit on weed battling with the tren would make sense why i had a pretty gnarly panic attack which had never happened before it was bad to the point i accused the person of lacing it lol

  18. For me at 500mg a week. I only notice that I want to be secluded and keep to myself. Almost recluse and a little depressed. I do not ever get the insomnia, sweats or anger. I do get increased hair loss and back acne. Just the way it goes for me. I always like the end results when the cycle is over. I usually run it for 10 weeks. I also run it with test cyp at 500mg a week, 50mg a day of anavar, and 250mg a week of deca. Once I am off the tren and anavar and only cruising test and deca the hair grows back and the acne goes away. Right now my lab rat is running sarms with a test base. Alot less sides and still good results.

  19. Are there any suppliments at this time that can increase HCG production? I've seen sarms as well as MK-677 for test/HGH, but nothing for HCG. Is there anyway to increase that?

  20. Sex drive goes up, without adding lots of test then the dick stops working. Lots of test causes bloating so you take and AI and then that destroys your dick. HRT test and mid dose mast should give superdrol like effects without the liver issues

  21. Dude i take less than 75mg a week and its nutz what it does. You dont need a lot, a little is a lot lol. And its the acne king. Can be androgenic or progesterone related. Its a bitch

  22. U had access to a gym during the whole thing?….gym I go to is still fn closed…..i had a lot of equipment but got rid of all of it but dam…..wish I hadn't gotten rid of it w/ the current situation……

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