Transplanting Cannabis plants. Step by step

Today we are Transplanting the cannabis plants out of their solo cups and into 1 gallon pots. Watch and learn how simple this very important step in growing is …


  1. Came upon your videos a couple of weeks ago, your tips definetely helped me leave my plants alone and let them be. They never been happier! Thanks a lot
    I got a question tho. What if i sprout seeds straight into the final pot?(3 gallon pots) is there any cons of doing so?

  2. What are you using for soil when you transplant? I know you don't like to endorse particular brands, but… a local Hydro shop closed down during this pandemic and I ended up using Box Store soil and the plants didn't enjoy it at all. I transplanted into them 1 Gallon's a little early so I could use some Fox Farms Ocean Forest and they seem much less near-death, so that's a promising sign. I'd love to see a soil-oriented video!

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