1. Thumbnail made me expect this to be an animation😐 that’s one reason why y’all had trouble listening and multitasking looking through the comments because the video is just a guy talking, if there were pictures for you to see it’ll be easier to follow along and better understand

  2. Islam has something called Salah(prayer) it's a combination of yoga exercises and meditation exercises. As it encourages all these qualities. This is might not have been intentional in its making but it's remarkable how it works.

  3. ADD isn’t just about not being able to concentrate. There are other symptoms needed to be diagnosed with it. Inattentiveness and others. Also ADD Disorder is outdated. It’s either ADHD ( ADD symptoms) or Combined ADHD (ADHD symptoms).

  4. He’s right. Most of us can’t even listen to this video without reading the comments. Our brains have learned to constantly be going going going. Some of y’all will stop reading this by now after seeing how long it is, and that’s an issue with your attention and concentration and is further proving my point. We have to be stimulated at all times. And then you add caffeine and things on top of it and our brains actually probably hate us. Technology is probably most responsible for the increase in mental disorders like depression and anxiety. Just remember, it’s okay to be slow. It’s okay to take it slow. I know your work day probably has to be fast paced and stressful and that’s okay too. Just take the time to breathe for 5 minutes if that’s all the free time you get in a day. For me, meditation is almost something I HAVE to do everyday. It’s not really an option for me. Almost everything we take in on a daily basis is bad for our mental health, remember that. News is bad for us. Work can be bad for us. Rarely do we take in positive information. Good Sleep, meditation , exercise and a good diet are the only sure ways to make sure you bring in good energy. Think about it, If your sleep is whack, your diet is whack, you don’t meditate and you don’t exercise…. you have no room to complain about being in a bad mood, Because you have the answer right there. Life is hard but it doesn’t have to be harder when free tools are at your disposal at every waking second. Good luck y’all. Off to meditate I go.

  5. There are a few things to try
    Don't have a long to-do list
    Learn to say 'No'
    Do most important tasks first
    Simplify and de-clutter
    (I learned these and why they work on wilfs blueprint system website )

  6. Well why not take it a step further? Meditate your awareness into nonexistence. It's essentially a form of distraction. Mindfulness is good for reducing a stress reaction but it may be a waste of time if it wastes your time. There are only so many hours in a day.

    Better methods to improve your life which should reduce stress include real world knowledge and skill building. That may bring you greater security and higher life quality. Your mind will be activated within your environment which spurs creativity. That's simply reality. Sitting to meditate isn't going to do you any favors. It may feel good because of a thing known as placebo effect. You might very well net positive mind and body benefits from an hour bike ride, or listening to music. Learning to juggle may be a better active approach to gaining mindfulness. This requires greater engagement than mere breathing exercises. Juggling builds on neuroplasticity.

    Stressors in this life can not be blotted out. Mindfulness should be renamed. Its actually a method meant to put the body in a calmer physiological state that is less hyper-reactive to stressful stimuli, and better able to retain prefrontal cortex functioning. Mindfulness exercises reduce chronic adrenaline surges and elevated cortisol which is healthier for your cardiovascular health. Its a way to tone down the fight or flight response that can be overstimulated​.

    I really don't think these mindfulness exercises are all that necessary. Looks like you can do a number of activities that you may like better that have the same benefits. You don't have to just sit there, breathing, while gazing at your navel. I will say deep diaphragm breaths are an excellent stress reducer. Doing this alone, brings you physiologically into a relaxed state.

  7. Instead of using “focused attention is an endangered species” you should use something like “focused attention is the best thing there is!”

    You’re reinforcing the negativity by mentioning it. Try not to. Be more aware of the particular language of how to structure words, individually

  8. With the rise of people self-identifying as 'spiritual but not religious', and the obvious benefits of mindfulness meditation, I have to wonder – Is theistic religion worldwide on the decline because of this phenomenon or is it on the rise in opposition to it? What would a predominantly Buddhist United States look like? I'd love to see a Big Thinker take on that question.

  9. I was diagnosed with ADD and been using the Headspace app for about a year now. Meditation has not only improved my focus, but my ability to live in the present moment and be more aware of what I think and feel. That’s simply amazing. I recommend that to every person.

  10. If u have kids. 8hrs sleep 8- 10 hrs work. Lunch breakfast dinners 1-2hrs. 4 hrs left. U want someone to focus on one thing. Hope ur talking to kids only. This requires training.

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