Topping And Defoliating Some New Photo Period Cannabis Plants. Gold Leaf, King Tut and Violator Kush

Time for a bit of training on my girls. King Tut- 4.5 Weeks. Violator Kush- 3.5 weeks. 2 Bergmans Gold Leaf- 3.5 weeks and 2 4.5 weeks. This Video Is For Adults …


  1. hey Bill, i have a gelato auto that only produces 3 blade leaves.she's been outside for 6 weeks and is 1ft tall and started to flower at about a week.she seems to be on her own schedule.i hope your "mutant" doesn't do

  2. Yooo bill I'm hoping all is good with you I was looking forward to your next video. but there wasn't one so thats why I'm leaving a comment to hope everything is okay.okay buddy hope to see the ladies soon.keep growing brother.

  3. it's called " whorled phyllotaxy". it's a recessive genetic mutation and since the male Y chromosome is the recessive sex >90% of plants with WP will be male, and females will typically be substantially LESS potent. This mutation is really common in Mazar/afghani based reg lines like Violator Kush.

  4. Every time you said ( i will get you guys on tripod ) i get very excited because its learning time , thank you very much bill we really need people like you in our community 💙💙💙💙💙

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