Top US MSO's Release Earnings! Plus VFF climbs 20% in a day, WHY?

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  1. Thanks for the shout out.

    I find VFF a very unique company. On principles alone I would back them. I am grateful that they are also financially conservative and competitively aggressive. It's the perfect approach to this choppy market.

    I like Aphria too and regret not taking a position with them sooner, at a time when I had decided I liked their approach. I don't think that they will beat VFF for cost-per-gram over time. This may not matter as long as they grow and sell enough to maintain an efficiency of scale.

    Truth is I picked VFF over Aphria based on values and emotion. I have less in common with Aphria as a brand but I see this two horse race emerging over the next year or two in Canada. I'll continue to back both for now.

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