1. As If Canada Will Ever Run Out of Mary Jane… we Have Been very open and free With our Underground friends Who Get pot for all us all the Time…. Everyone knows 2 or 3 People who You can go to to get it for years….Forever….In the Last year We have online sites that Send Premium Weed at a Fair Price… To Your Door Online within 48hours… Free shipping over 200$ even if you and a Buddy buy a premium strain for $100 a half oz.. it's Still Cheaper than the 8$ gram that the Government Thinks it will Get…. with a 1 $ tax/ gram…. Now its closer to 140$ per half oz.. I am a Hippy kinda… And Invest in Aurora Cannabis Stocks…. It's making me lots of money…And will continue too in the Future…. The Government Will Make good free tax $$$ From me too on occasion when I want a Great Treat.. And The Tourists and New People wanting to Experience it too…. It's All Great…

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