We got the top 10 mistakes to avoid when growing cannabis and we’re covering overwatering, root bound, ph, harvesting. We’ll be talking about how to avoid …


  1. lol. no one ever got an autoflower in bag seed. also, it's not "a little more" for seedbank seeds; they're like $15-$20 a seed unless you're buying in quantity. that's hardly peanuts.

  2. I'm gonna tell you right now. I'm armature. I was just given a sick plant about 2 weeks ago. She is about 2 feet tall now. I clipped the bad yellow leaves off and left the good healthy green on. Sybil is doing good at the moment and it starting to flower and turning in some red hairs. I keep her outside while I go to work and bring her in at night with a fan on her. But leaves still turn yellow. Just a few after a few days. I know I have to transplant her to I more efficient home. But any recommendations on how to stop the dying? I mean she still looks healthy and wish I could show you a pic but I just don't want to spend time and effort on my baby if I am just going to grow a dying plant. I know this is a lot of info and you can only do what you can with the said info. Oh and what's up with random black spots on her leaves that can be rubbed off? Is that insect related?

  3. I tell you what man I'm having real big problem with rustic and spider my friend now it's ruining my whole f**** grow I got a lot of questions in a lot of things I like they're asking about my grow I don't have too many people I can ask her who I can go to but man I'm really curious on what kind of nutrients I can use to make him really healthy fat big & Juicy cuz I like the girls and big monster trees you and I'm saying bro but other than that I'm having a real big problem with russet mites and spider mites right now it's really f**** off my whole grow and I'm really upset about it

  4. Hey man, generally how tall would you allow your plant to grow before switching to flower? This is my first grow; photo period super silver haze in veg for around 50 days under a mars hydro ts600, using foxfarm nutrients. Im really hoping to get 100 grams if possible. I topped and LST her and she’s about 20 inches tall now, should I leave her in veg longer.

  5. been a while, good tips, especially overwatering, everyone screws that up, lovin the editing video style, got almost like a neistat thing going on with the music, time lapses, cuts. keep it up.

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