1. I have said this over and over. You will have to get the good ole boys out of Austin before it becomes legalized in Texas. And you are right about one thing, if Texas had a ballot initiative it would pass with no problem. But and this is a big but, as long as we have Governor Abbot in office he will find a way to delay it. For example he signed into law the hemp bill but quickly signed another saying you cannot smoke CBD flower. It was to close to the real thing. What a idiot. But if you want to get drunk and drive then kill or badly injure someone, then Texas is the place to do it. You will only get a slap on the wrist and do some community work. What a backward state. And I can say all of this bc I live in Texas. I am 64 and a huge supporter of the legal movement. I just hope it’s legalized before I am on my death bed.

  2. I'm speaking purely from my own experience, but being from Texas it's hard to tell sometimes who is for/against it unless you really get to know them. We're conditioned from the beginning to not reveal our true intentions, and lie whenever possible in some parts of the state. This is mostly to deal with religious fanatics and other types of hotheads that would love to put us on full blast for not even remotely hating the plant.

    This was brought to my greater realization when I started going to dispensaries during visits in Colorado. There were a few instances where I would be in a line with other texans inside dispensary lobbies and the guards/ushers that could tell you when you could go inside to shop, would try to talk about our hobbies with cannabis. All the texans including myself were reluctant to even talk about it in a legalized state because it felt like to us a covert interrogation.

    You've got a point dude Texas needs ALL the help we can get. All of it.

  3. Texas will never legalize weed not even medical. Even though delta 8 is legal (the molecule is the same as delta 9 but a double bond is moved slightly) and lots of hemp has over 1%thca or more sold in cbd stores in texas but the delta 9 activated form is sooo bad even though if you cook it or smoke it the hemp becomes illegal?. Did you know delta 9 thc over 0.3% kills people? Thank God for our laws. Sarcasm BTW. So whats the deal?

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