1. MiiCROBIAL MASS!!! that shit is awesome..i used it once so far and it changed the game…and i made a ghettom chiller where i use a home depot pail…i onlly have a 4 port air pump…but i use 2 ports for each bucket..i have the warm air ends of the hoses..going into the lid of the pail..i used the same grommets for the L drain pipe thinger..i have 2 hoses per grommet… top and bottom..to ensure the cold stays in the bucket… so i use the super stiff air hose and i wrap it around a full one gallon distilled water jug(i use 2 and change it every day..one in the chiller..one in the freezer..) anyways…so i wrap that shit so that it fits snug…to that jug..and i use zip ties along the wrap to hold it in place…so once its done…i have two hoses going to each bucket…and the hoses meet in the middle of the bottom of each bucket with a simple connector..(gotta put the hoses on two at a time..or shut the pump off to put them on..cos if you put one and not the other,,.youre getting SOAKED!!LOL) i poke holes in the bottom part of the hose loop in the bucket..like 3 holes on each side of the little plastic connector is sufficient.. Check this out,..i only figured this out cos my water was coming out of the tap at 22*c which was WAY outside the 16-19 window of optimal performance..so i spent 2 WEEKS day in day out,..trying to hack this shit…as my buckets were at 26-28* and i was getting the rot…so i put it together..and i almost fucking prayed for it to work or my grow was done..i cant afford no store bought one ya know,..so next day i go down…water is 27….but the rot is getting better..same thing the next day…i was DUMBFOuNDED…however…the thing is this..the air coming out of my ghetto chiller was COLD…SO cold that i cant use air stones as they clog up and rot due to the water in the hot air,..condensing in my air hoses….(hence the two line loop with the poked holes method) The ice cold bubble..doesnt hang around long enough to alter the temp of the water…but when that bubble breaches the water surface…ALLLL the particulates its made up of are ICE cold…and i never had the rot EVER again…and my water could be 28*c and mother nature had to accept that I HACKED HER ASS!!! hahahh sorry for the life story..but this DWC video is the best one…and i just wanted to tell people a way to make it WORK with no chiller in the HOTTEST weather..also make sure you have the air hose flat on the bottom of the pail..so that you can do like the guy in thevideo said..and drop that water level WAY down…ive even let it go till it was just sputtering upwards the last bit of water..but you could feel the cold in that GAP buddy was talking about…take the lid off and it was chilly..so yea…thats how to hack the chill…and mama nature, hahah one love yalls!

  2. I am new to the growing community and sometimes people’s explanations on YouTube are kind of confusing. YOURS WAS PERFECT! Thank you for being straight to the point, great content!

  3. Been watching for a cpl weeks. Subscribed today. Really enjoy the in depth breakdowns for those of us who don't yet have the knowledge to fly on our own. Thank you for what you do bro! It dies matter, and it is love in this form too, doesn't all gotta be hugs and kisses! Happy growing!

  4. Good informative video and the tips are on point,the same tips I tell my friends but when I tell them to start to write everything down down from max/min temps to ppm's they look at me like I have 2 heads,then they wonder why they never get even half of what I get come harvest time smh

  5. Bro you helped me understand PPM and plant intake. Your spreadsheet is sick too. You don't understand, I've asked so many forums about ppm and I never understood it like I did in this video. I use a single bucket rdwc and throw frozen water bottles in the res to adjust temp. Top feed drip system. I lost 10 plants that got root rot once and then again right when I switched to flower. Ended up losing entire crop. That was my first time and it was just dwc. My second run is about to begin. Should have better results this time lol

  6. Tons of great stuff here man thanks.
    I was wondering if you ever considered using a wavemaker rather than an air stone for oxygenation. As a fish keeper I know that o2 exchange happens at the waters surface, bubbles themselves don't have time to dissolve but its the distubance they create that helps. So I would think a wavemaker pointed towards the top would works great also would keep your nutrients in a constant mixing.

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