Time to Legalize Ganja? | The True Story that no one talks about | The Deshbhakt with Akash Banerjee

Latest in the Ganja Saga – comedian #BhartiSingh was arrested by the Narcotics Control Bureau for possessing about 86 grams of weed along with her husband …


  1. Thank You Deshbhakt for Bringing this issue. Not only it is very essential for our country financially. But it also give be an topic for my research paper. To submit in next in my Medical School.

  2. Does NCB not know about varanasi and Haridwar ghats? They should raid babas and sadhus instead of Bollywood. They might be more successful. Moreover, don't they know about Kasauli 😂😭

  3. You should go and study 5 year mbbs. Yes good effects may be there, but no doctor/med student will ever recommend (no matter he is cool or not, even if doc HIMSELF is taking, he won’t recommend)

  4. Ganja or weed or pot whatever you want to call it .
    If you are smoking with with some monks inside darga or temple or ashram it’s okay and not looked at it as drugs .
    But if you smoke it with friends or alone in city then it’s drug and a big crime .
    Lastly no drug is more dangerous than alcohol

  5. By legalizing cannabis /ganja. It leads to people using a different type of Hard Drugs, Problem is a part of a Life & people uses drugs to escape from there problems & overdose the drugs which could lead to death. More Rehab Centres are open & more families are destroyed don't support it, please

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