Time For The Talk – Cannabis Science – Medical Marijuana – The TRUTH About POT

Join Leah and I on a discussion about medical marijuana – cannabis science and the associated disinformation campaign. Michael Browning and Dr. Regina …


  1. I'd like to be able to smoke it but the problem is that the cannabis plants that people are growing today have been so perverted over the last few decades that I feel any plant I come across will be horribly imbalanced. Too much THC and not enough of the appropriate other compounds. America is going to turn this plant into just one more easily abused commodity. Micromanaging every aspect of it and regulating it to death.

  2. 🤗 Excellent show. Good to hear you & Leah talking together. One day soon, the Sacred Plant will be so widely used , they won't be able to stop the tidal wave 🌊🧜‍♀️
    It did me no harm, I was introduced to it at 14years old. The product wasn't so strong back in those days.🌱 CBD is all very well, it helps body relaxation, stress & can clear the mind. 👍🏻 We feel lucky it's allowed in UK as a "noble food". Silly classification to get round not making any health claims & medical market.
    It pains me to see how fast so many big companies have gone into the CBD market in such a heavy handed & expensive way. My Doctor had no idea about the ECS system or what CBD was either! It's so unfair to keep it away from people who need the full plant, without extracting the CBD.
    I think if anyone knows anyone that's suffering from cancer, chronic pain , all sorts., & they can make the medicine, they owe it to themselves & that person to make it for them. 💕🐱♏☯️🌱

  3. I never can find evidential research proving it cures the root problems…. Just eases the symptoms & assists in controlling mental problems!!!!
    I have cancer…this is pissing me off…. Can it help me or not!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. this video upload needs work BIGTIME, you have one person speaking while the raidio stations "this is not our opinion" crap is going at the same time, 2 people speaking at once is stupid and not worth trying to hear whats being said check the 1 hour mark if you dont know what im talking about

  5. I would like to see a certification system for Healthcare Workers because it would be easier to identify prescribers who are open to it. Most doctors won't consider it because they don't understand it. Many patients won't ask because they are afraid the clinician will reject them.

  6. Thanks for this. Wish I could travel to CO. My one pain free day in the past 20 years of agony came after trying cannabis. I had the talk with my Dr but living in Alabama, it was to no avail. If I could move I would do so tomorrow.

  7. Cbd oil i still use.but i am glad i stopped smoking it.smoked for 10 years,stopped now for 6 months,life is better now.i am from Holland and have a coffeeshop around the corner.the smokers here are lazy and diffus over here because it’s so fucking strong now a days.for young people it is damaging because they are still develping them selfs.a lot of smokers here are psychotic and develp other mental issues.holland has got little adicts in compare with other european country’s were it is forbidden.

  8. If you read Rick Simpson's book, Phoenix Tears, he states the reason he believes cannabis oil of the indica variety works is because it triggers the pineal gland. If we follow this gland, we see the pineal gland is related to melatonin release during the sleep cycle. During the 80's in California all the talk of curing HIV was about increasing the Interlukin 2 reaction to allow the body to heal itself. Well, the secretion of melatonin causes a Interluken 2 release, which triggers T-cells in the immune system. Hence, during the sleep cycle the immune system repairs the cellular system eliminating cancer cells via apoptosis. 60 MG of RSO will cure most cancers.

  9. Appreciate everything you all are doing Diamond. Looking forward to the day when like minded people are the only survivors left on this spinning rock of stupidity!

    It’s blatantly obvious that the pharmaceutical scumbags are in WAY DEEP. The fact that the Fed won’t even have discussions regarding re-scheduling is all the proof you need

    Great episode of Dateline today regarding the few doctors with the balls to go on record to say that CBD’s are saving children left and right allowing them to live their lives vs. shaking 62 times per week

    Only a fkn cave man would continue to make these kids suffer while McKesson kills their customers by the millions.

    Big ups bro keep up the good work!

  10. I don't know if this is a valid point for anything. Poison Ivy. I don't recall any prohibitions about consuming or smoking it. Yet no one does. Well, no one sane, on purpose. Because OMG, right?

  11. In the USA people are so politically naive and dont know how to use the ballot box.

    A country where you have to declare when you get your drivers license if you are democratic , republican or independent is backward as you are from day 1 ingraining there is no other choices.

    For the mid-terms this year, how many new parties and candidates got registered. Most of the deadlines have passed for this, they finish in June. In states where deadlines have passed find the candidates who will vote the way you wont.

    Go out and use the Recall petition option to screw over the status quo you dont like.

    Form pro hemp parties and get the balance of power.

    Throw the status quo out.

    They dont give crap about us. Not telling us about eh cold is because they want to knock off a lot of us.

    They want breakaway

  12. So good. I wish I could join a podcast like this. Cannabis will revolutionize so much. I've researched cannabis and hemp for 5 years now and I'm kind of hidden. I have so much information and experience with cannabis but I live in an illegal state that's very hard to get anyone to listen long enough. It's very easy to spot a person who's uneducated about it. It's sick how stagnant everything is. If I could ever help in form people on properties of this plant and hemp, change will be prevalent and accessible to those needing better solutions. One day this wave of sure healing will come into effect and help lives better than prohibition has ever NOT done.

  13. All governments should stop making people beg for the "mega plant". Totally legalize, allow free seed collection, free growing or get voted out. The free thinkers in the world have had enough of people in government for the <1%.

    You time is coming to an end, to be in power.

  14. US military did many experiments with marijuana and the effects of,but good luck getting any discovery of that information.It would have to be opened by the POTUS himself.To me thats a shame. I've been using cannibus off and on since the early 70's and have been helped greatly for pain from injuries incurred in the service and working in job's that are rated high risk.Now that I'm in my 60's i have chronic pain from arthritis,a broken back,muscle&tendon injuries etc.I'm up to 8 pills now twice a day,but i think a natural way with cannibus would be a much better way to medicate.

  15. “Legalization” is not the goal…
    “FULL REPEAL OF PROHIBITION” would bring us back to the state of cannabis freedom in which our great grandparents existed.

    “Legalization” creates a new set of different governmental rules about it, and leaves us forever arguing amongst ourselves about who gets to use it, how much, and for what reasons…

    Only REPEAL OF PROHIBITION gives actual freedom.

  16. The 420 extractor fluid is it something I can get here in Canada or can it be shipped here ???,, 40% alcohol is the best you'll get in the liquor store and I'm not sure about the gain alcohol . Any advice ??

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