This Week in Cannabis – Nov 16 – Nov 22

Set to 1.5X to maximize the content and your time! MSO Earnings Video: Open your self directed TFSA! S ign up with Questrade …


  1. Hey Jordan, I was gonna mention to you TerrAscend just had earnings too. They are a New Jersey MSO not alot of people follow them. They seem to be a good company, 51 Million in revenue but they will have huge future growth with NJ legalizing (watch out for them!)

    Also another sleeper is Columbia Care. I follow the MSO's greatly and I think we are gonna see some of these MSO's 🚀.

  2. Happy Birthday dude. Glad you enjoy it enough to put a voluntary shift in on your day of celebration.

    I come mostly for the provincial sales data and the financial summaries. It's also good for some colour on cultural attitudes over there, as I live in the UK.

    If the channel continues to grow, would you consider hosting a Discord server for your fledgling community?

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