1. Good ass video. I wish I saw this a week ago but at the same time I'm glad I got rejected by this girl cause her ass was straight capping. I'm about to make a youtube channel and i'm definitely recommending your channel in my first video. Need to get people on game.

  2. cuh my girl don turned me kinda soft, ian the same cocky ass nigga she fell in love with and i can tell she ain really feeling me how she used to and now im puttin more effort in our relationship then her, which used to not be like me, this shit came to me perfect timing bro 💯 thank you 🙏🏼

  3. One more thing a lot of niggas in the comments are always saying they don’t need a woman or a girl when the true reality no one likes to be alone I understand if you’re grinding cause I am to but in reality that thought in the back of your head is like dang i lowkey need somebody it’s the truth
    If you plan on dating a girl get with someone who’s on their purpose and whose grinding for the better

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