The Weed Controversy – Mufti Menk

Cannibas or weed has been legalised in many countries. Some people use this to justify their abuse and addictions. Listen to this balanced view on weed.


  1. Yeah mufti but you failed to differentiate between cbd and thc, cbd does not contain any intoxicating chemicals while thc does so does that make cbd halal since it doesn’t have any toxic chemicals

  2. Would marijuana and drugs of a similar effect be considered halal if they are prescribed to treat or cure more mental and minor ailments like insomnia, severe anxiety or even extreme stress and symptoms induced by it, such as arrhythmia, if and only if it is prescribed or allowed by a medical practitioner for this exact purpose? I see there may be issues with self medication and self medication is inherently is >90% of the applied cases recreational but what about non physical illnesses which can be treated with non artifical drugs?

  3. What about psychedelics? They do not have a certainty that you would have a great time on it and its not addictive. But most of my good experience made me feel fortunate to be born and realizing how peace can be achieved simply by love and understanding. Also made me realized the importance of tawakkul and how that can influence your trip too. But on a bad psychedelic experience, it can literally show you how much of a piece of shit you are as a human and that can scare you to be a better individual after the trip. I don’t take psychedelics anymore but it did made me believe that there is a higher power and that we’re all just on a trip ourselves that we call life.

  4. People like to get high. Whats wrong with that? Working boring dead end jobs for piss poor wages and like a little relief at the end of the week and all the Boss's are like: 'You can't do this, you can't do that'. Get off my case. Legalise it and pay those poor farmers a proper price, not all the corruption and criminals ripping them off. Get over yourselves. Who do you think you are? Hypocrites.

  5. So will my salah not be exepted for 40 days if i smoke weed but not drink? I smoke weed regularly and i live alone and it really has helped get through days without my family but when you smoke weed you’re still aware of everything you’re doing it just relaxes me & reliefs my stress and anxiety, this is coming from experience. It doesn’t change the way i think or do things to when im sober at all to be honest, before smoking weed id always feel depressed alone at home and get dark thoughts but when i roll a joint and smoke it i never think about anything bad. But does it effect the reward of my salah, please could you reply ❤️

  6. What about mass production meat, dairy and eggs? I have noticed many health benefits by going plant based and I believe it is 100% halal by eye

  7. I have a question for all you guys if I'm sad or feeling down, and weed helps me feel better can I keep using it or just stop ( i never used weed but my friend does and I'm just asking

  8. Shukran Sheikh.

    CBD oil is not intoxicating. Especially Pure CBD, with no THC.
    It is purely used for medicinal purposes.
    Shurkan for mentioning the benefits to Epilepsy , tumours and depression.

    May ALLAH guide us All.

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