1. The War On Drugs was a top-down government program which tried to solve a mental health/economic/educational problem in society by using a military approach. It is a war on very sick people and vets who are simply trying to survive.

  2. I'm from Germany and I hope that this will lead to a change in my country aswell. The benfits of ending the war on drugs are being ignored by our politicians as long as they're just visible in smaller countries.

  3. Lets make the 2020's the 1960's 2.0. (Shaky start to the decade I know) Lots of progressive change, new attitudes, new politics and everyone can turn on, tune in, drop out if they so wish.

  4. This is a social justice initiative. This will make it harder for Police to target and incarcerate People of Colour, in particular. It will be very interesting to see how this changes communities over the next decade, and beyond.

  5. Biden has a shit drug war record and not long ago was still anti weed legalization. I voted for the old fart but neither him or Kamala are actually ramping down the drug war anytime soon. They’ll probably crack down more vs more Orange man.

  6. Biden authored the 'civil forfeiture' bill — he now says he regrets it. Will he work on reversing that bill ? — also, no talk on abolishing private prisons and mandatory sentencing

  7. Here in Canada, pot has been legal for some time. It’s not a big deal. The problem is that addicts are dying at an outrageous rate due to fentanyl. It’s a shame so many people feel the need to spend large sums of money to get a few hours of artificial happiness. In Canada, way more people are dying every day of overdoses than of COVID. I know of two people who were addicted but are currently on the wagon. I know of no one who had COVID.

  8. just as well, exactly what we need give there's a nut case hanging onto the WH like cannonball sized constipation and his followers have even less gray matter between the ears than first suspected

  9. When you look up which Dakota legalized weed, some articles say North and some South.
    I think if some of these right wingers took some magic mushrooms or even lsd or hallucinogenic plants it might open their mind to other ways of being. Hallucinogens are known for creating a different way of thinking and making people become more empathetic and more caring about nature. Sorry for the wording, trying to find a way to describe it without sounding like an old hippy, which I am. ☺️

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