The Solved Case of Gypsy Rose Blanchard

In this crime documentary, we’ll be covering the disturbing true crime story of Gypsy Rose and Dee Dee Blanchard, a true story that has shocked the world.


  1. Run is a good movie loosely based on these two. the victim in Run is 100% sympathetic and in no way a cohort in her mother's deceptions, just a victim. gypsy adopted to her mother's sickness and became a willful participant over time. gypsy's mother and the mother in Run both met a befitting end

  2. I'm positive that Gypsy had plenty to do with her Mom's death.
    1. she should get a longer time in jail. yes, she lost many years but she's alive. Cold calculated murder shouldn't have been her 'only recourse'. sure she was caught before but her Mom didn't keep her chained 24/7 after it. the mom IS guilty but she was sick, too.
    imo: my reasoning:

    1. she, Gypsy, tried to put the whole thing on the bf
    2. she lied by hinting that he abused her (she showed her arm to the detective in a show that her bf 'pushed her around')
    3. she's prob got hatred in her to try this on ANYONE that might try to 'hold her back again' , she's danger to anyone in the future.
    4. she knows how to manipulate the system (Dr's) , her bf (that she cared for (yet, let him take ALL the blame) and possibly any future love interest.
    finally, imo
    I feel worse for the guy than her.
    He shouldn't be set free. maybe a mental institution but not that long in prison.

  3. The fact that Gypsy played dumb when she was told DeeDee was dead speaks volumes. She knew DD was dead and exacty how she got that way. Yes, DD abused Gypsy, there is no doubt about that and Gypsy did not deserve any of it. However, Gypsy learned to be a master manipulator just like DD, and she used that talent to get NG (who has his own set of intellectual challenges) to murder DD. She knows how to play the game, and, after she is released, I think it will only be a matter of time until G is back in the news for some kind of con.

  4. There is a missing persons case I think you guys might be interested in…Morgan Heimer disappeared while leading a white water rafting group through the Grand Canyon. It's a bizarre case.

  5. One word only for this! Her mother is so SELFISH!!!! she only thinks of the money by donations of the symphatizing people around them as well as the governments financial assistance that both of them can be benifit…poor girl she should live freely as young girl like others but her mother took that away from her…

  6. This is missing the info that Gypsy took the stand in Nicholas’ trial, and took most of the responsibility. Once the prosecutor uncovered all the abuse Dee Dee inflicted, they offered BOTH Gypsy and Nick plea deals. Gypsy took it and was sentenced to 10 years. Nick refused the deal and chose to go to trial, and received a harsher sentence. Whole situation is so sad.

  7. I feel really bad for both these young adults. I have a son who has Autism it’s scary. I don’t normally blame the victim but you reap what you sow, both these young adults need lots of mental help and prison won’t help either of them. He should have never gotten that sentence he needed mental help not prison yet some people get a lot less for far worse

  8. This reminds me of Susan Schofield. She claimed her children, Jani and Bodhi were schizophrenic, and pumped them full of strong anti-psychotic pills. I consider Susan in the same category as Dee Dee….dangerous!

  9. WTH there are tests to prove these kinds of illness. What in the world were the doctors doing? You don't just take the word of a parent that their kid is sick with NO PROOF!

  10. She knew what she was doing
    She lured someone to kill her own mother and threw him under the bus

    Yet again, the 'mother' is an evil one.
    She lied to her own child for years and forces unnecessary invasive medical procedures to her healthy child

    Odd cases indeed. But I'll stay on Gypsy side forever

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