1. This video leaves a lot of facts out…. for instance, the war on drugs was started to sway the civil rights movement because government was afraid of the hippy movement and was desperate to regain control and influence the elections. Plus need I even mention big pharma? Sorry, can't give it a like…. try harder next time

  2. I like the video and your portrayal of the history is pretty good, but the reason why it was criminalized wasn't because some didn't like it.

    the hemp plant has many uses. you can make oil, paper, rope, clothes, and many other things, putting other business' at risk of losing money.

    at the time it was thought corn would be a good source for ethanol. hemp is better at that. so a campaign was organized to demonize it. other industries, specifically lumber, joined in the attack on hemp.

    so a big thanks to our corrupt politicians and big business!

  3. I don't smoke weed because I feel like it is something that only old people should use; however, telling somebody they can't use it because some idiots get "offended" is inhumane and preposterous.

  4. I appreciate this video but I would have went further and explained that hemp and cannabis had been used for thousands of years before it was banned in the U.S. and I also would have included pertinent information about the key opponents who had the most to lose such as DuPont (chemical company), Hearst Corporation (paper & logging), Mellon (oil) for example, since hemp can replace plastic, paper, oil, cotton, and wood for the most part.

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