1. This oil is working wonderfully for me! I've been sleeping a million times better and feel better overall. My mental health has definitely improved. Also its helped regulate my appetite so I can eat more which has been hard for me for a long time but especially these days-stress!!! I'm really glad I got it. Super grateful🙏🏾 this plant is amazing!

  2. This oil is definitely the real deal. Me and my fiance wanted to try cannabis/marijuana but neither of us are smokers, so I decided to buy this and try it out. So far, it's been a couple weeks we've used it to manage headaches after a work day and it works really well.
    I haven't had any joint pain recently but if it comes back, i'll most likely test out the oil for that too.

  3. I have been using the CBd oil for approximately 2 weeks and I have noticed a big difference in my knees within the first day. I use it 3 different ways: ingest it, topically and in my bath. It doesn't completely take away all the inflammation and pain but I'm much more mobile. I temporarily ran out of the oil and my inflammation and pain worsened almost immediately. I had suffered for years and this oil is definitely a product I will incorporate in my daily routine.

  4. This cannabis oil seems to be very good in clearing up my daughter's face. It also has been good for helping minor pains that my mom has been having. It doesn't take long to take effect either.

  5. This oil worked wonders on my wrist. Miracle cannibas oil I got from Makeda just days before my accident helped me tremendously and immediately. I was involved in a minor car accident. I rear ended someone and took most of the impact on my wrist from the sterring wheel. About 20 mins later I was in tremendous pain in route back to my home. The pain was almost was unbelievable and would not subside. My wrist swole up and was throbbing. I put some if the oil I got for Makeda and rubbed in a considerable amount and waited to see if I will feel a differenece.. within minutes the pain subsided. Withing 15 minutes more the half of the pain was gone.. Within a half n hr.. The swelling began to go down and decreased to about half the size which help alot with the pain…. Even though I feel The pain would have eventually go away… The cannibas oil definitely sped up the process to a day and change.. If it wasnt for that oil I would have been in pain for a much longer time I believe. So Thank you Makeda for helping me through that painful and stressful expierience.

  6. Most health problems humans have are made by men . They use the earth to create these problems , so only the earth can solve them. We just need the knowledge. 😎 Thanks for sharing your knowledge.

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