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  2. Why are they talking about addiction in the middle of this pandemic? In order to ignore the over quarter of a million deaths due to this administrations failures? God allowed this to happen not because of homosexuality or abortion, but to expose these money grubbing televangelists!

  3. ""No lie can live forever" by- Dr. Martin Luther King but, he did not know about mtDNA in his day and he still got it right. The root word of the word human is humus which mean decayed organic dark brown , or black material in dirt , soil, dust of the ground .The Holy Bible indicates white skin is Biblical Gehazian leprosy.2Kings 5:27. In 2005 genetic scientist discovered a deceased mutated gene responsible for the production of European white Caucasian skin. The 2005 discovery indicates this mutation is an verifiable autoimmune decease which prevents the body from producing an normal amount of melanin .The Holy Bible indicates the triad parental fathers of this world are Shem, Ham, Japheth .Genesis 9:18. The USA world Human Genome Project started 1990 ended 2006 at a cost of over 2 Billion dollars. The H.G.P. indicated the world's verifiable triad parental fathers with the oldest mtDNA on earth are only blacks i.e. none Neanderthal white skin mutated gene carrying beings.1# Golem- means an unfinished being. 2# European caucasian white skin beings are not dark brown nor black . Therefore, they are not humus, hue, hu- man, beings ; but are living beings. The Holy Bible indicates ; Human beings are under the commandment of God Almighty too in Genesis 1:28 to subdue …and have dominion over every living thing that moveth upon the earth. .3# Ashkenaz vs Ashkenazi – according to the Holy Bible Ashkenaz is not of Shem nor Ham but of Japheth ; Genesis 10:3 so who are Ashkenazi ? 4# How can european coloinal white skin neanderthal gene carrying caucasian Ashkenazi Gehazian Golem be a Levi when they are lepers. 5# How can eurpepan coloinal white skin neanderthal gene carrying caucasian Ashkenazi Gehazian pale face Golem be hebrew when they are not natural earthy complexion God made human beings. My friend dna stands in a court of law world wide. They will not reveal the tested bone dna of the tomb of David and Abraham for one reason and one reason only.

  4. Thank you for calling me, I really appreciate it. God bless you all, the Lady I talked to today asked if I needed prayers, yes I do my Lungs, I have COPD and a spot in the right lung, and my eyes are getting bad. Thank you so much for your prayers for everybody. I always watch you and I wish I could help. God bless you all.

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