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  1. Great video. Thanks for making it. I'm new to trading and was looking for analysis of this company specifically b/c of their recent acquisition of "Psilocin Pharma Corp.". I've been researching psilocybin and it's effects on the brain and mind (mainly it's effects on treatment resistant depression, generalized anxiety and PTSD) over the past three years and recently I've been, mainly, investing in companies that are working with Psilocybin and developing Psilocybin based treatments. I'm extremely interested and excited (even though official Psilocybin based treatments are still in the later stages of clinical trials and have yet to be approved by the FDC) in investing companies that are developing Psilocybin-based therapeutics or just generally selling it in the states that have legalized it. I Read that you are only focused on helping people make informed decisions cannabis investing, but I was wondering if you have and/or would, possibly, consider including in your channel,the consolidation of news and stock research surrounding Psilocybin? I'm trying to find channels that do that since you seem to know really what your talking I would love to see Psilocybin included on this channel as well… I don't know how much you are aware or informed on Psilocybin, but I strongly I believe is the next "Cannabis boom ", especially since measure 109 was just passed in Oregon. That's all, food for thought.

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