1. Personally I think that's way to much square footage in the time frame. To low of volume as well. In Florida you can't run that low of volume unless you want poor fert, weed, and insect control. I'm sure further up north you can get away with this.

  2. Thank you Jason for giving back to then lawn care profession with videos like this one. This year will be my first year spraying and I really needed an accurate way to calibrate the used sprayer that I recently purchased. You are an inspiration to so many of us.!

  3. I just started working for a Company they spray 4 gallons per 1000 sqft the tank we use is 150 gallons for lawn and 50 gallons for shrubs im sorry I’m not getting the math not clicking please help

  4. My 200L tank has multiple nozzle outlet how do we get the maths right since the walking pace wont match with the speed of our working tractor….bearing in mind that we always spray with our tank attached to the tractor

  5. Jason..im looking at that exact sprayer for my biz…a couple questions about the video. first off….pressure wasn't mentioned. Approximately what pressure was he running. Being that I'm here in Texas, wind drift is always an issue. Sounds like his tip of running a larger volume (2-3 gallons per 1000) would be beneficial overall in my area. I have a handful of customers requesting applications, and have been trying to figure out what I need to get. I already have my commercial applicators license, and gen liability insurance.  Can you also provide more info about what gun/tip he was using. Very helpful video…..am REALLY hope to get into this portion of the industry for 2018. Thanks! Is it hard to clean tanks after use? going from one chemical to another….what steps are involved to ensure I don't apply the wrong chemical to a lawn. I'm guessing it would be best to keep sterilants in a stand alone sprayer rig to ensure there is no cross contamination. The reason I ask that is because I have already been doing some of that type of work on a few commercial properties that I take care of using backpack sprayers (for cracks/crevice type stuff). My other option instead of this 200 gallon unit is the Gregson clark sprayer that has the small boom and mounts inside the lesco type walk behind Fert Spreader. My concern with a boom is wind drift. My thought is the gun would ensure less drift vs the booms. I know…long post, but hope you can provide some assistance here. Thanks so much, and happy holidays!

  6. Great video. Did you do any videos at your conference a few weeks ago? how did it go? I wanted to attend…maybe i'll be able to if you have another one.

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