Sterilizing in the Instant Pot || Baby Bottles, Sippy Cups & Breast Pump Parts

Just a quick demo of how I sterilize using my Instant Pot! I used my 6qt Instant Pot (IP-DUO60 7-in-1) in this video. You can find it on Amazon here: …


  1. What re the IFUs for those things sterilized? Does it have a vac system of gravity for dry time? Once things are out and not left in a sterile room they are no longer sterile they are now considered soiled/ contaminated. What about the quality of the water used for steam? Does it reaches at least 270F for a parameter of 4 minutes exposure?

  2. Any chance that the baby bottles will absorb odors from the liner or the rubber part in the lid? I frequently cook with spices, Ginger and garlic and I am concerned that's what the bottles will smell like after. Sterilizing in a different liner might get around it but I am curious if I can still use the same liner and do this.

  3. Thank you. I noticed that the newest instant pot has a sterilization mode. However mine us old and I need to sterilize glass bottles so I can put my kombucha in them.

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