South Dakota Law Officers SUE to Overturn Cannabis Legalization!?

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  1. As a SD residence, I'm ashamed how ignorant our government and leader is. She does not care about SD voters voice, she cares about what being Trumps lackey and screwing over Native Americans with that Deadwood deal. She acts like a tyrant when things don't go her way, I hope she don't run for president. I thought Hilary was bad.

  2. Why don't they just outlaw all kinds of medicine and tell people there is no medical benefits to any kind of chemical? Because most of the medication used by millions of people that is legal has countless known side effects that could be life threatening to the users of the medication, and others around them. Most medicine also doesn't do what it's supposed to do very well. So there are people who take medicine that kills them to treat a life threatening illness or disease except the medicine doesn't work for the treatment of the disease or illness it only works for killing them.

  3. Noem is such a Hypocrite! She says she is for the freedom of the people! Except when it comes to something she doesn't agree with. I think she is just pure lazy, among other things, unless it's "all about her" if you look at a lot of her choices and actions it becomes clear.

  4. Most likely, she's trying to get the focus taken off the fact she's been taking money from special interest groups in regards to zoning issues. This governor is a conservative cancer, and it evokes memories of what happened in Nebraska. Sad to see, but democracy these days seems to challenge the will of the voters.

  5. South Dakota resident here. Sioux Falls looks wacky in spelling, but it's really easy to pronounce. "Sue" Falls 😊

    Same with Belle Fourche. "Bell Foosh".

    Lots of French and different Native American origin in our city names.

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