1. Young people shouldn't be jailed for smoking marijuana and get their future ruined. It's their own freedom, or at the most a non-victim crime. People should have the right to decide whether they want to abort a baby or smoke weed.

  2. Weed leads to other drug that then destroy families and make young people commit suicide and abuse there families. It should not be legal for people who don’t have medical conditions!

  3. What she should’ve said was, listen I had to play the game that society had set forth at that time so that I could have the career that I wanted. However, I always have to believe that marijuana should have been legalized and now I am finally in a position of power in which I can execute that belief.

  4. This would help a lot of people dealing with anxiety and depression nor do it cause death unlike lortabs, Percocet and all the other pills that includes heroin😒. Make it make sense

  5. And people say pot heads are stupid when im reading the comments and we all woke to the hipocracy of the left wing agenda. The left won't legalize weed, they support communism, and the downfall of our economy under the biden harris administration will destroy everything including the cannabis industry

  6. 1:45

    Your statement that blacks are 4x as likely to be arrested for pot than are whites is incorrect.

    Statistics show that in the past blacks have been arrested 4Xs as often for pot than have whites. Those statistics do not predict future arrests as you would have people believe. Having been arrested 4xs as often does not mean you are 4xs more likely to be arrested. You can not predict the future.

    Richard Shelby REPUBLICAN, Alabama,Mitch Mcconnell REPUBLICAN, Kentucky,Ted Cruz REPUBLICAN of Texas,Tom Carpenter Democrat if Delaware,Susan Collins (R-ME,Marco Rubio (R-FL),James Lankford (R-OK),US Surgeon General,Jeremy Adams,Azar is the former president of the U.S. division of Indianapolis-based Eli Lilly and Company, one of the country's largest drug corporations,Jeff Sessions.
    Other Enemies of the Cannabis Community;Geneseo, N.Y. – Local law enforcement officials from across our area gathered in Livingston County Thursday to voice their opposition to the legalization of marijuana in New York State.  Tom Cotton. the Republican Party.The circle of people on Capitol Hill who will decide if cannabis legislation passes is actually pretty small. There are three names that are continually listed — by lobbyists, advocates, and lawmakers — as the gatekeepers to any federal cannabis legislation: Republican Senators Mike Crapo (ID), Lindsey Graham (SC), and Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (KY).
    You are the People that can Weed them out!!!
    Vote this Year!!!

  8. Over Harris’ seven years as top prosecutor, her attorneys won 1,956 misdemeanor and felony convictions for marijuana possession, cultivation, or sale, according to data from the DA’s office.

  9. You know why people of color are arrested so often? Because life is better when you're stoned than living life with you people and 'not' be stoned. Whose fault is that? Kind of like Aretha trying to remember what's her's. That's where YOU are.

  10. Politically convenient. She is just another power hungry pandering democrat acting like she gives a shit about black people. She probably identifies more with her Indian side but doesn’t need their votes.

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