In this video I talk about some characteristics to look for when selecting a male cannabis plant for breeding. If you enjoyed this video please click that thumbs up …


  1. You’re supposed to collect multiple pollen from all plants for the genetic diversity and use them on your females and keep the females that don’t herm those seeds will have large diverse phenotypes and can choose your characteristics

  2. I usually choose my males based on their structure, smell and overall health. I like the one you said was the first to show, and would have most likely picked that one, unless another one displayed a better scent. It had a nice uniform indica look to it IMO.

    When it comes to choosing a male that is first to sex, that could be environment related, and not related to traits passed on. I base that on my experiences using males more than once and noticing that they flowered faster when it was warmer, and slower when it was colder. Once they do start flowering you can lower the temps to induce any colors the males may carry and pass on.

  3. Could I ask you next video to link the youtubers you've mentioned in the description please? ^^
    Btw; I would bas my pick off the rosin,smell and bud density… now I'm not an expert AT ALL, but I would decide it when I decide it xp could be as early or as late I need to determine which is the last survivor… when in doubt, you could cut a few and save a the once that make you doubt,wait a few days, and and look again 🙂
    So…. nice video, and as it just finished, looking like you know what your doing…

  4. Also check root stocks when picking a male looks can be deceiving up top u can see a nice structure but when u transplant or pull the plant out the pot you’ll see a poor root system compared to another plant with less size/structure

  5. please test the batch for yourself rum many runs b4 thinking of selling them on new seeds for stability hermis and seed sacs on the funished product is very bad im just sick of fricke hermis

  6. Hey, just wanted to say I really appreciate the breeding videos. Of all the topics in cannabis I feel this is the most underrepresented on youtube. Looking forward to see your success with the project.

  7. Killing off your first to show male is something Ive never heard of. First to show plants are best used if one of the desired traits is to shorten the offsprings flowering time eg: bring an 11 week plant down to a 9 week plant. Quick to flower doesn't necessarily equate with smaller bud size. I've grown Big Bud that finished in 7 weeks and true to its name had the largest yield in the garden even when compared to longer run strains of 9 to 10 weeks. Quick is actually a great pheno depending what you're growing ✌ but what do I know, right?

  8. You kill the first male that flowers, because it's traits are usually pretty dominant. And you don't want that because you prefer your female traits to show in the offspring more than the male traits.

  9. Out of the 3, I preferred the far right one. It was greener than the other 2, and the node spacing I thought was closer. The more nodes the better the success in the wild. Remember these came from mother nature and always the more healthy and more capable of producing offspring are the winners in nature.

  10. I just bread one of my stunted norther lights plants with a male bag seed . I did this just for fun and to have some seeds to practice germinating . $10 a seed to practice on is too much for me so I made my own . My question in how do I know when to harvest the seeds ?

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