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  2. I have seizures and is that a reason why that is hard for me to get a job yes or no because I had three I can not sing to get another one they giving me a hard time yes I had to scroll when I was a child but by me having three jobs that shouldn't have stopped me from getting another job so what is the reason why that I haven't gotten one yet and now that I know that people that have seizures can drive that's going to motivate me into getting my driver license

  3. An excellent video! The bit at the beginning relates to me especially where she gets dumped by her boyfriend because of being epileptic. When I saw my friend have a seizure, I stayed with her until it ended. She later explained that many friends ran away when they found out about it. I didn't. It only drew us closer & we've been friends for over thirty years! She is now helping me come to terms with being diagnosed with epilepsy myself. And yes, many friends ran away from me too! I now tour the UK giving talks on epilepsy awareness.
    Keep up the good work 👍 😊

  4. Well done. This needs to be shown in all the schools, be it elementary, jr. high or high school. Our daughter was diagnosed at 11 ys old and has been struggling with seizures since then. All of the ones mentioned in the video. She is now 27 years old and has 2 children of her own but still has the occasional seizure. Takes numerous meds daily but still uncontrolled sadly.

  5. I was diagnosed with childhood absence epilepsy at the age f 5 but have been seizure free since the age of thirteen and so was taken of meds which caused massive weight gain a hand tremor and memory loss. The point is meds are good up until a point an then it becomes a pill no pun intended. my triggers are flashing lights, specifically the transition from the out doors to inside a classroom getting too hot photo and recently sleep deprivation. my parents were told to treat me as a normal child and to see how fare I would develop and look at me now I have graduated high school with honors though I did hope for a regents diploma but after taking the algebra common core regent seven times starting out with a 40 and ending up with a 57 oh well. I start collage in July not august as you can infer I was not expected to do much of what I just mentioned
    The effects of my seizures is that i have Aspie like tendencies due to my epilepsy which i know is difficult to understand to put it in simple terms as a result of my seizures my brain compensated and rewired itself and so i have all of the symptoms of Aspergers but lack any sort of understanding math as a result i have no understanding of money and never really learned my basic math facts.(i am just learning them now in college which for most Aspergers people they are gifted with math abilities )i also have orthotic because due to my seizures that i had straight feet at birth i also have a sensory processing disorder. i have low gross motor control and other motor issues as well.
    After my father died, it seems I have had a relapse if that is possible. i still have my absence seizure but it is not enough to put me on meds . i have been getting driving lesson and have 10 -20 seizures in the drivers seat. i take omega 3 cod liver oil liquid form as i can not swallow pills this helps decrease the too -small -to -medicate -seizures i have very small seizures that show up on the EEG as misfired neurons and the Dr. called them "flurries" so here is what my flurries are typically like i will become very spacey i can not interact with my surroundings i also felt locked in to place. i am completely aware my vision becomes like a tunnel and thing start to move or vibrate on there own an absent seizure lasts 1 second but these flurries can last 5-10 minutes.

  6. How about the miracle of CBD (Cannabidiol) oil being all natural and stopping seizures in people even stopping seizures within a minute or two while they're in progress?  The US Federal Government even recognizes the healing properties of CBD oil as they have a patent on CBD's.   Patent# 6,630,507 Cannabinoids as anti-oxidants and Neuroprotectants.

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