1. asking medical drs that admit  they never learned anything in med school tells me that they cannot make a proper  decision of what to use as they know nothing , they should be asking there patients , as i do not have any confidence in them  at all , i did not study cannabis , well then you have less idea then any body, especially someone that is sick and knows there body and has done the research about cannabis ,

  2. Anybody who makes their own extracts or oils of cannabis needs to be aware that the popular step of "decarboxylation" actually reduces the amount of terpenes quite a bit, so I wouldn't recommend decarbing the cannabis beforehand. Also, there very well may be harmful residues present in the finished product if naptha or other chemical solvent is used to make "Rick Simpson Oil"; therefore, I would only use ethyl alcohol or (real) olive oil (beware of fakes) to extract the medicine from cannabis. More information can be found in this PDF:


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