Ride 003 – Melbourne CBD

overcast today, not sure what the camera did to the bike color at the beginning riding around Melbourne city on a vintage mountain bike no commentary, …


  1. Great stuff. ..I will watch it again Friday. ..Im heading into the mountains tommorro for a ride.. I wonder how many bikes you have…The fix em ups look like bikes you just want to ride..Ive just finished building a bikei myself it took 2 yrs to complete …Do you have plans on buying some more retro bikes to refurbish. ..🙎

  2. i`m amazed you guys have the electrical grid over earth even in a metropolis like Melbourne…must be a five-eyes thing…
    btw, is the Yarra-river still as polluted as back in the 90`s?
    Only know this from hear-say, so just a random question..

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