1. I just want to know if the ballots are not legit then wouldn't everybody on the ballot be fraud or not confirmed yet so anybody else that's taking credit for winning are not winning yet that has been on other ballots cuz it's not just the president that are on the ballot

  2. "IF he is right? The American people Should be "Outraged? The American should feel comfort that the election was fair??????????
    How about those "American people" who are pissed they have to live through his BABY tantrums?????????
    Mr. Christie, grab your balls and tell the BABY it's time to concede.
    What do you think will come from all this legal shit? Yeah he gains a couple votes, "maybe". or he loses a few more.
    There is "ABSOLUTELY" no path that Trump can take a lead. Even Hillary knew this in 2016, she conceded "quickly".
    How long will it take the BABY who won THEN, to Concede this time????

  3. Republicans are putting out all these fake video's on You Tube, maybe they think that will help them win a case. News flash, show your true evidence in court which you can't because it doesn't exist. Trump is already worried he can't pay his lawyers asking his support groups to throw away their money not his!

  4. Republican game plan to control votes
    1. Limit the amount of polling stations in democratic urban areas
    2. Limit the amount of machines
    3. Make people stand 8 hours or more to dissuade them from voting
    1. Allow Mail on votes
    2. Avoid the lines and suppression
    This is why Republicans are against Mail on votes
    This is why Lindsey Graham said if they don't shut down Mail on votes Republicans will never elect another president.

  5. Dude, the dead are not supposed to vote and surprisingly they all vote Biden. Better to change the outcome for good as no candidate will ever be tempted to cheat in the future. Scare those Democratic cheaters and liars to death that they'll never come back

  6. I am so sick of this voter fruad!!!So now Trump cry being cheated or unfair. How many people he have cheated,he didn't get wealthy by being honest. This man Trump had a lot of neveres talking cheating and dishonest. He need to go to Epstein island!!! The day the Republician Party over turn a election that will be a cold day in hell.

  7. Christie is such a poor representation for the republican party…and his words are devoid of any substance. Why is he even asked to be there? He is as corrupt as Trump is. REALITY to these folks hangs on what or who can they can ride coattails on. Trumps is no longer viable, therefore they basically now turned their backs on him. Sycophant loyalty no longer useful.

  8. Your all missing the Bigger picture.Watch the Specter of Communism is ruling our world.It explains what's happening and what has already happened…….period…….You will not regret it or have a better understanding without it.Our knowledge will increase in the end of days.GOD bless

  9. So is it our turn to start chanting "lock him up" the way they did for Hillary even after Trumpty Dumpty won 2016? Or better yet, "lock THEM up". Seriously, if Dems lost and were making these claims, the right would be all OVER them as "sore losers". The GOP is all about fucking HYPOCRISY and its gross.

  10. Mate, I can get behind these fellas being shit birds. I agree that their involvement in trump's administration ought not be forgotten. You lose me when you say they ought not work again. I'm curious as to your reason for that. We can't rightly universally deny someone's right to work cause their beliefs or morality is diametrically opposed to our own, or that they are or were a shit person.

  11. You can't make inflammatory remarks in a commentary criticizing Trump for making inflammatory remarks. We should not be putting Trump supporters on a "list" and we should not do anything to cause them any harm beyond them facing legitimate natural consequences for actions these past four years. If people like Rick Santorum never work in politics again it should be because he legitimately loses every election he participates in not because we tell him no. Implications to the contrary breed unnecessary aggression to the opposing side

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