Republicans ATTACK Democrats for Planned MARIJUANA LEGALIZATION VOTE

Republicans ATTACK Democrats for Planned MARIJUANA LEGALIZATION VOTE Please Subscribe to my Other YouTube Channels: Frame of Flower Podcast: …


  1. But what does that mean for people on federal houseing cause that's why people can't grow that are in houseing because it's federaly ilegal if it passed it wouldn't so ud think that change houseing policy

  2. The Democrats should put in their party platform a promise to change back the legal drinking age to 18 like it was in the 1980's before President Reagan changed it to 21. This will ensure voters under 21 will vote democrat! Even some GOP lawmakers supported this in the past (only for active service members), they said if you can marry, buy property, buy a gun, and die for your country you should be able to drink! Think about how the swing states were divided by just a point! The votes of all these young voters would make a huge difference! And if the GOP party keeps blocking this idea, like with adult-use cannabis (even medical weed sometimes!), the democrats can keep promising this in every state and federal election and get these votes!

  3. Kyle Jaeger does get the best stories. Theres a ton of Republican senators in States who support legalization, its just gonna have to be the dominoes falling. Nobody talks about the alcohol+prison+big pharma lobby backing the old guard in both parties. Only progressives push for legalization in meaningful ways, crazy how politically mainstream cannabis is this year.

  4. Would it be considered a win by democrats or republicans if the Safe Banking and More Acts are passed before January (during lame duck)? Because Republicans could fear a full democrat administrative win if it happens after January. But maybe it could go down in history as a co-op party win? Republicans in senate vote in favor so Trump decides and therefore is the "President," albeit a lame one, that legalizes federally in December? Before Biden takes office? Or am I confused? Just feel like some republicans might give in during December to avoid a full on democratic administrative win. Because EVERYONE NEEDS RELIEF post pandemic. This could spark the economy in a healthy legitimate way.

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