Reggie Watts & Sen. Booker Are Done w/ the War on Weed

Reggie Watts has a question for Senator Cory Booker about states like Montana and the Senator’s New Jersey legalizing marijuana in the 2020 election, and …


  1. Thanks to Corey for recognizing that veterans need to have the option of using marijuana…right now opioids are the only option for many…and we know how that turns out. Positive vibes from New Hampshire and remember to be kind to each other and yourself during this pandemic and social crisis

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  3. Let's be real though. Dave Chappelle taught me this. The only reason we are now starting to see drug abuse as a public health issue and not a criminal issue is because white kids in suburban and poor white areas are dying from pills and meth and heroin. In the 80's when the black community was plagued with crack the policy making and narrative was very different. It birthed the "war on drugs" "just say no" "three strikes you're out" etc. etc.

    This country has yet to have ever lived up to it's aspirations of equality.

  4. Canada legalized cannabis for people over 18 like two years ago xD We're still here. Only now there's billions going into taxes that otherwise would have gone to organized crime all over the world.

    You have online delivery and storefronts. There's like 300 strains of flower, edibles, extracts, creams, capsules, sprays…… It's wonderful. And you can smoke in public (Not driving, of course)

    I'm surprised so few americans seem to know all this

  5. Yes medical marijuana and recreational marijuana here in Mt!!! Not to take it off subject but I love pecan pie! I love it!! But I got one at Walmart that was just the worst! Every bite was disgusting! I was so glad when I finally finished it and it was finally gone! ????

  6. Even here in Mississippi we overwhelmingly voted for medical marijuana! I never thought I'd see the day. They made it as convoluted as they could on the ballot. First you had a choice between 'Yes, either initiative 65 or 65A' and 'No, neither initiative'. Then we ALSO had to vote for 65: medical marijuana for 22 approved diseases; or for 65A: a hamstrung version of 65 which made it completely useless. 73% of voters approved 65, proving Mississippi ain't illiterate. And although MS went for tRump, Mississippi also approved a new flag, FINALLY!! Proving, too, that the "Heritage Not Hate" crowd is dying out.

    It's about fucking time.

  7. James you need all directinoners. You have to kidnap one direction because their contract expires at the end of 2020 and if they don't sign it again they will never be able to be one direction. James please help us only you can

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