1. Smoking daily. Don't think its a problem as long as you're able to function as well as you would normally. I began due to not eating and hardly sleeping. Now the various strains helps me accomplish those things amongst others. Made me laugh when you told about the 14 years of non emotions rushing to you. Never really been a emotional person in my life, I think it's overrated and doesn't beat a logically point. But so far I've been smoking daily more or less for what like 23 years ish.
    Then again I don't drink, I eat regularly and I sleep the minute I touch the bed and don't have to think about dreaming/nightmares as well I don't have it. I just sleep.

    Also this is another view on the term addiction.

  2. Use of weed or any drug for "escape" is and always be the WRONG WAY, drugs are tools like weapons, in wrong way or moment or person would result in errors (some time fun errors), but in the RIGHT WAY and right moments it can trigger good results, but most people are escaping due lack of knowledge.

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