Race To Harvest Illegal Marijuana Cash Crop

In 2009, law enforcement officials seized and destroyed a record amount of illegal marijuana grown in remote parts of public land in California: more than four …


  1. the government shouldnt tax a damn thing that anyone can grow in thrir back yard. and please stop calling it medical because most people would smoke even in it didnt have any medical value. who the crap is the government to tell me what i can smoke and what i cant. just my rant

  2. FUCK YOU those guys who collect it and destroy it. How do you sleep at night knowing that those beautiful buds are priceless and you are just a poppet in the hands of the government. If tomorrow you will be told to go back and plant 4.000.000 you'd just turn over and do it and you will tick you beliefs in your hole.

  3. re- LEGALIZE

    FIGHT government oppression… FREE choice & HUMAN RIGHTS..

    > no more DEA SWAT raids..
    > no more PROPERTY confiscation
    > no more IMPRISONMENT for people
    > no more DRUG WAR violence
    > no more DICTATORSHIP morals
    > no more PROHIBITION & lies
    > no more MILITARISATION of police
    > no more RACIAL profiling
    > no more MEDICINAL raids
    > no more CONTROLS

    time to grow up & be sensible folks.

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