PTS 2:1 Capsules (20mg CBD / 10mg THC) Review

Today I review 2:1 (20mg CBD / 10mg THC) THC distillate capsules by pts. I’m very excited to be reviewing an edible, since it’s been awhile. I’m even more …

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  1. excellent review as always bud!! love your intro n glad these capsules benefited you so well and provided you with relief .. I tend to stay away from taking edibles with too much sugar due to being diabetic so will definitely give these a try!! I usually prefer a higher dosage as I have a pretty high tolerance when it comes to edi's but these still sound worth it and glad you enjoyed them so much and gave them a 10/10!! appreciate the info and for doing this review!! hope to get down n make some content with you sometime soon .. in the meantime hope you're staying safe n well medicated out there my friend!! 👏🙏✌💚🔥💨💯

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