Protesters interrupt marijuana legalization press conference

Protesters interrupt press conference on legislation to legalize marijuana for commercial use in Rhode Island.


  1. At first I was taken back by this demonstration of emotions and truths because of the DELIVERY method of the message. However, that said, is in the end, the legislators change the wording I HOPE THAT ISN'T ALL THEY CHANGE. Anne and Alan are true pioneers and even I was caught off guard by this one. There needs to be some MATHEMATICAL FORMULA  to deal with the proper LEGAL amount an adult will be able to grow, posses and carry BEFORE THIS BILL SHOULD EVEN BE CONSIDERED.  Unless you have an EXPERT on your committee I would suggest having someone who knows exactly what size plant yields what approximate final DRIED – USEABLE/SMOKABLE "Product."  I have said now for many years, THERE IS NO REASON TO CONTINUE THIS ASSAULT ON THE AMERICAN CANNABIS USERS ANY LONGER.  Repeal Prohibition of cannabis/hemp and allow adults the same use as any other LEGAL VICE or SOCIAL "MEDICINE" without restraints but for a reasonable amount which a single person can adhere to comfortably. There is still the need for medical cannabis and should be treated as any other medicine by RESCHEDULING it the same as the VERY DANGEROUS KILLER OPIATE  DRUGS  which need only a written prescription by a doctor brought to a pharmacy,,, and NO NEED FOR A SPECIAL CARD OF PERMISSION  or all the other OBSTACLES placed before Cannabis patients and creating hardships for the ones needing the medicine. Since most cannabis patients I'm SURE (just guessing) are disabled and or on social security disability or surviving on health insurance from their jobs, which none will pay for the SAFER  medicine , but THE BIGGEST DRUG EPIDEMIC in years is the one we have now with OPIATE ADDICTION. The Gateway drug Marijuana IS NOW "CANNABIS" – THE GATEWAY BACK TO HEALTH – since more and more people who've lived through years of hard drug addiction have found it much easier  and healthier using CANNABIS as a GATEWAY  back to Health and Normalcy. ……………  WHOEVER IS RESPONSIBLE FOR THE CONTINUED DEMONIZATION OF KANEH BOS ,,, IS ALSO RESPONSIBLE FOR PREVENTING MANY HONEST, WORKING, LAW ABIDING CITIZENS FROM ACCESS TO A HEALTHIER ALTERNATIVE.

  2. Marijuana, Pot, Weed, ect. = Reefer Madness
    Cannabis = Medicine, food ect.
    Government which has always been sticklers for wording continues to use made up slang and frankly a very dismissive term, instead of it's correct scientific name.
    But that's the point isn't it? To dismiss and alienate cannabis, the very plant that our own government has a few patents on. One patent even goes as far a stating that cannabis is successful in regrowing brain tissue after injuries. Wtf!? But it's not a profitable cure so.
    Anyone still opposed to legalization either really hates healing kids or they stand to loose all their profit from prohibition.
    Thank you for your time.
    #Repeal #ReLegalize #Cannabis #PeopleBeforeProfits #PatientBeforeProfits

  3. I demand the legislation use the term "Giggle Stick!!!" when being drafted!!  Also, I love how the dude says the word marijuana its offense to his religion, but cites the Bible as support for his argument.   Ummmmm … whaaa?!?

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