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    in all honesty if given the option to break the law and save your or a loved one's life, or go through harmful radiation… i think we all know what most would do… that's why it's a matter of time before the rest of america wakes up

  2. @potmonster16…..That is a common misconception. The marijuana bud when left as a whole brings balance to the medication. Although we dont know every single one of the different components and cannaboids in the entire flower, a bud as a whole is thought to provide the majority of the medical benefit, not just the more common known cannaboids such as thc and cbd.

  3. @jggm2011 it wouldnt surprise me, i live in seattle and we are an incredibly pot friendly city. the police force doesnt care as long as youre not dealing pounds to tons. and in my opinion, seattle is one of the liberal beacons of the united states, and medical marijuana is pretty rampent; UW school of medicine is also one of the finest medical institutions not only in practice but in not ruling out medical possibilities ESPECIALLY for cancer

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