Pokeweed: A Beautiful and Edible Deadly Plant?!

Can you eat pokeweed? Yes & No. That’s the only way to say it simply. I explore this complex plant that is both deadly and an edible traditional medicine.


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  2. man the editing and animations you use have really gotten so much better with time. super impressed and glad i started following a few years for these once and a while random tidbits!

  3. We let the local birds do a lot of our sowing. About 10 years ago, we got our first pokeweed. It was beautiful. It looked like it would make a good food plant. So, I did some research and found lots about it's toxicity. What I found consistently was that only early leaves were safe. Never sure of what constituted an "early leaf" that would be large enough to eat, I've never tried eating any of it. But we now have several that have been seeded throughout our property and they are gorgeous.

  4. Talk about finding things growing in your backyard, I just found a lot of psilocybin growing outside. And it's legal in Oregon now. Do you have any opinions on it as a medicinal and/or microdosing it (without buzzing on it, that is)?

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