Planting a Cannabis plant at Cork city hall.

Civil Disobedience protest for Cannabis legalisation. On Wednesday 14-10-20 rather than the regular 420 News I went and planted a cannabis plant at Cork city …


  1. Honestly, it's weed that should be legal and alcohol be banned with the amount of damage alcohol causes.
    I think the truth is, the government doesn't truly care about our health, they care more about the money.
    Imagine weed was legalised, it would hit the alcohol industry hard, meaning less money in the sector. The more money u have, the more power and influence you have on the government.
    Fair play to you lad, keep it lit!

  2. We should get everyone that believes in cannabis legalisation and conduct a protest having a social distance smoke out in the largest empty fields of Ireland all on the same day not only to show the amount of people that need legalisation to become a reality but to show how much land it would but to use and the amount of income it could bring to the country

  3. I want cannabis legalization but I don't understand the message of discrimination?? It's illegal if you are small, tall, black, white, fat, skinny, smart, stupid, sick, healthy

  4. Fair play to you Martin, I've a lot of respect for what you're doing and the amount of hassle you must get for it from people that are not informed. I truly think that the younger generation has their eyes open to the benefits of legalisation of cannabis, but as long as we keep voting in TDs that are appealing to the older crowd from a misinformed bygone era where cannabis was wrongly stigmatised from racial issues, not health concerns, that won't happen. We need people like you to be our voice because a lot of us would loose our jobs if we were vocal about the way we feel truly about cannabis. I've joined your patreon and I hope we see some progress soon man, keep fighting the good fight and we'll continue to support you 💪

  5. On the Instagram video I was wondering why you had the Lidl bag. I was like did you just decide to do stage a protest and act of civil disobedience on your way home from shopping.
    I was pleasantly surprised!
    Mad respect as always Martin! 🤜🤛

  6. We need to get more people doing this all over ireland in phoenix park especially, we should plant some in front of Michael D's and we will get a response that way

  7. Fair play man. No matter how bleak things look just remember, history is on our side. I cant wait until the day I can stop having to feel like a criminal just because I enjoy inhaling a fucking plant.

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