Plant a Germinated Cannabis Seed, Without Breaking the Tap Root

Once your taproot emerges from the seed, the obvious next step is to plant it in your medium. This video deals specifically with planting in soil, but the same …


  1. Greetings,
    I germinated some autoflowering feminized Indica Afghani seeds using does soaking in a cup of water then onto paper towel with spring water. Tap Roots grow much faster than I expected two of them were almost an inch when I transplanted them into my in ground soil. I used a tweezer as well as instructed by the seed website. My question is when I put the germinated seeds in the soil I couldn't adjust them because I was scared that it would break The Taproot. I'm pretty sure the Taproot was pointing down when I cover them lightly with 6.5 pH soil. How long should it typically take for the Sprout to break ground and is this plant intelligent enough to read position itself if it was a little bit horizontal?
    Thank you in advance

  2. Well hoping I didn’t kill it, but I germinated my seeds in the jiffy pod and the tap root was sticking out the side about a half an inch or so and I decided to go ahead and place it in a pot so the root wouldn’t be sticking out in the air and I broke the root when placing it in the pot. Did I kill it ?

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