Outdoor Marijuana Grow, flushing, harvest, mold, weather – Michigan – 9/26/20

Quick tour of growers of the best garden here in Michigan September 2020 touching on flushing harvest time and what the weather will allow us to do.


  1. Fellow Michigan grow here. October 16th today and the ladies are still in the ground currently and let me tell ya, these cold nights really have been frosting them up like crazy. Did I hear you say molasses? I use the blackstrap early flower threw couple weeks ago with nice results. Excited to try it, maybe couple more days and will be drying. Defoliating before harvest opinion? Any input on stressing just before I pull them? Last question, what is your favorite tastiest strain? Im talking like it taste like frootloops every puff lol

  2. Man that a clean garden. My sundae driver is producing, produced colas like beer cans. I also gree gorilla glue, but jalapenos they're too hard to keep lit. If you got mold wash your buds buddy don't toss them. Good video

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