Outdoor Grow Over Winter Indoor Cannabis Tips 2020 Top Buds

outdoorgrow #greenhouse #wintergrow thanks for everyone watching the outdoor Grow Cannabis Plant and October was busy but now we are indoors in my …


  1. I am an agent for Crowdgrow: Food security is now supported by our expansion into the medicinal cannabis market in the Kingdom of Lesotho. (www.agri-culture.holdings) Our model is built on upliftment & education of disadvantaged communities. Your participation in our Medicinal Cannabis production offers you a opportunity to own your own mini cannabis farm, achieve a return of investment in excess of 25% whilst contributing to education and upliftment of the people in the Kingdom of Lesotho. (https://crowdgrow.io/ )

  2. I would love to do a greenhouse grow. Would like to see the extra lighting setup and what you do for a heater. It would be a huge challenge for me to keep a constant temperature. Much respect gromie. Stay lifted🌳🌳🌳💨💨💨

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