1. Ive heard alot of good things about cheese and ghs is my favorite seed company so far but I haven't grown it yet, but I want to in the future! I don't know everything and I'm no expert by any means,I do appreciate any tips that can help me get better! I just don't want anybody thinking I'd make a rookie mistake like using clear cups,LOL that's the way I got it and had to wait for better root system to transplant. If u live in Detroit area would like trade one of my strains for some cheese!

  2. @dantxxl jus makin sure im not tryin to tell you what to do an shit jus passin on knowledge from grower to grower every one grows there own way an has best results….. i have my own right now its cheese from GHS 3 an a half weeks into veg from seed… have you ever grown cheese or anything like it

  3. It was supposed to be "well rooted" when i got it ,so it didn't need a dome. I have a aeroponic cloner for mine and i just mist twice a day,no dome 98% success, 4-6 inch roots in a week. I hadn't give it any nutes or water in this video, but after I did it came back to life and is doing very well. I have another video update on that clone pretty sure it was nitrogen deficient

  4. @dantxxl yo man jus some advice that cup the roots dnt like light sure u already knew that but when u take that clone if u dnt have a humidity dome use a small pot an put a sandwhich bad over it an keep sprayin the leaves to keep them moist keep it on there for atleast a week an cut a hole in it so it gets some air i did it an my clone took off the leaves prolly dried out from the light in ur room jus sayin i never use nutes i go organic but the nutes might have hurt the little girl

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